Dining Guide


This fun and casual Japanese restaurant specialises in Japanese set meals. Customers have over 30 choices of set meals and each comes with a bowl of miso soup, rice and free flow appetisers. Be spoilt for choice at our all-you-can-eat appetiser bar which features up to 12 items. There are several sections in the menu that provide something for every craving - Healthy Meals, Grilled Fish & Rice Box, Pork, Chicken and Japanese Curry. A highlight to look out for at Hifumi is the Salmon Oyako Jyu Set which features pieces of salmon, topped with salmon roe and lotus root - all sitting on a bed of steamed Japanese rice. Pork lovers will not be able to resist the Pork Katsuni Set. This tummy-warming dish is made up of a thick, crispy fried pork cutlet served in a hot plate and covered with egg, onions and sweet soy sauce. Other dishes to try at Hifumi are the Paper Baked Chicken, Chicken Donabe and the Sukiyaki Set.

Weekdays 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm; Weekends 11.30am - 10pm

70 indoors