Dining Guide

Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan

This restaurant specialises in a variety of dishes from the province of Jiang Nan in China. With almost 100 different dishes to choose from diners will be spoilt for choice. Start off with a starter of Shanghai Pork Dumplings. Each handmade nugget features an almost silk-like thin skin filled with minced pork that has been seasoned with a secret mix of herbs and spices. A main highlight at Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan is their traditional hand-pulled noodles. These delicate slivers of dough are cooked in hot water till perfectly tender to the bite and then steeped in a special homemade chicken broth. The Dongpo Pork Knuckle features succulent flesh that practically falls off the bone from its several hours of braising and is simply perfect with a bowl of steamed rice. Another highlight here is the freshly made soya bean drink and hot homemade beancurd. Guests and passers-by can see these soya beans being ground daily with the use of a traditional granite grinding stone. Another popular sweet is the Pan-Fried Bean Paste Pancake.

11am - 10pm daily

140 indoors